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Due to the ongoing Covid 19 situation and the latest Government Guidance we have decided to operate Total Letting for the most part remotely. We will of course keep our opening hours under constant review and are more than happy to increase our physical opening times should it be required.

We would kindly ask that wherever possible any issues are addressed over the phone or by email, if necessary of course we are more than happy to make an appointment for face to face meetings.

We are always ‘open’  to discuss any tenancy related items;

Please call the office on 01392 412626, this will automatically divert to our mobile should the office be closed, please may I ask that you call during our normal working hours, Monday to Friday 9-5 wherever possible.

In order to ensure that all items are dealt with promptly please email both of the following email addresses;

We are still actively letting properties, we are carrying out physical viewings on unoccupied properties and ‘virtual tours’ on occupied properties. Despite all of the current restrictions all properties have been successfully let in a timely manner.

Should you have any concerns please feel free to call/email.

Thank you for your understanding.

Total Letting Company – The Services we offer.

As a dedicated lettings company we fully understand that landlords are individuals and require varying types of services from a letting agent, we therefore offer three levels of services tailored to different levels of management.


The three levels of services we offer are as follows;

Full Management.

Designed for a landlord who wishes to hand over day to day management of the property.

We understand the importance of dealing with tenant and maintenance issues promptly and efficiently and have a designated out of office number which is manned at all times to ensure genuine emergencies are correctly dealt with. Find out more here.


Tenant find with maintenance management.

Aimed at a landlord who requires the services of an agent to locate a suitable tenant and assistance with annual safety checks, certification and general maintenance issues which arise during the Tenancy whilst handling the day to day management themselves. Find out more here.


Tenant find only service.

Designed for a landlord who requires the services of an agent to locate suitable tenants and wishes to maintain and deal with the day to day management of their property. Find out more here.


Buy To Let Advice

Having been in the lettings business in Exeter for over 20 years I have an extensive knowledge of the market, especially when it comes to purchasing the right property for the purpose of investment. I have advised several clients on purchases over the years with many now being the proud owners of successful rental portfolios. There are a number of important factors to consider when purchasing a property for investment, as dedicated letting agents we are in the ideal position to advise on your property purchase, we are not trying to sell you a property we have ‘for sale’ we are in the business of advising you on the right type of property to purchase for us to rent and look after for you.

One golden rule, a property you like may not necessarily the best investment purchase!!